Michelle N. | President @ The Mine & Crowd Cow (Skip Manager)

Dan has the unique ability to thrive in both smaller, fast paced environments as well as within large publicly traded companies. I had the opportunity to work with Dan at both Lowe's and Crowd Cow and was consistently impressed by his ability to engineer and build data sources from the ground up. He helped both businesses scale in responsible ways by providing the teams with accurate, timely and actionable data. His exceptional work ethic, consistently positive attitude and ability to empower businesses to make data driven decisions are all outstanding. I highly recommend Dan.

Rachel S. | Analytics Manager @ Amazon (Manager)

I worked as Dan's manager for roughly 7 months. In that time, I observed Dan to be an absolute top performer. Dan brings all the skills you'd want from a Data Engineer - extraction, manipulation, ability to dive deep, scripting and SQL skills, and security and data design best practices. More importantly, Dan is a motivated and proactive employee with a love to learn. Dan was often met with new challenges in his role in my team, including GDPR compliance amid a changing landscape of systems. Dan was always willing and ready to learn a new language, tool, or system to tackle a problem. For example, learning Step Function language to debug pipelines set up by a prior engineer was no problem for Dan. Dan is so proactive that he led the charge on setting up the team's AWS Code Commit repository and built a package to automate routine Redshift cluster cleaning way above and beyond the original scope of the task he was assigned (one-time delete of unused tables). Dan often took the tasks he was assigned to do and made them better - for example instead of just renewing Redshift contracts without a second thought, Dan proposed a move to new cluster types which solved memory issues and saved on cost. On top of this, Dan possesses the rare talent to see the forest and the trees, thinking strategically beyond the scope of his role. Dan took the lead on proposing a new data engineering roadmap as well as security policies and practices for our team. Dan also led a proof of concept of various ML Ops systems and is able to cogently capture the pros and cons of each. It is rare for a technical employee to be such a good communicator and be able to connect technical decisions to business outcomes. The cherry on top is Dan's positive attitude and the fact that he is just fun to work with.

Overall, I cannot recommend Dan highly enough as a DE and personally hope I get the opportunity to work with him again someday!

Dylan M. | BA @ Amazon (Direct Report)

Dan is is the ideal DE/BIE/Team Lead that recruiters dream of. I thought I was smart until I met this man. He is one of the most well articulated and technically minded people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He taught me advanced SQL, QuickSight, analytics, Python, and a variety of other skills which leveled me from a support specialist to BIE. He's business savvy and great at leading team discussions. His extensive and broad experience also give him the ability to gather stakeholder requirements with ease. This is definitely someone you want on your team.

Reference contact info available upon request.

Shelly L. | Director of Finance @ The Mine & Crowd Cow (Skip Manager)

Dan is a standout senior level Data Engineer who has a broad skill set that can apply across many types of industries and many different roles in the analytics space. I have had the pleasure of working with Dan for several years at both The Mine (Lowe's) and Crowd Cow. Dan's ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I have seen before and made an instrumental difference in the productivity of our analytics team. He also brings a wide breadth of experience not only in analytics but in overall business acumen and leadership which brings a unique perspective to any project he is working on. As a team member or a leader, Dan earns my highest recommendation.

Reference contact info available upon request.

Arturo L. | Senior BI Manager @ Amazon (Colleague)

Dan built an effective, efficient and regulatory compliant Data Engineering function at Amazon from scratch. This function supported our Data Analytics products consisting of Business Intelligence and Data Science solutions. Dan's technical acumen is world class and Dan is unique in that he also brings top notch organizational skills leveraging agile methods to prioritize work in one of the most transparent and efficient ways I've seen. Dan's execution is truly exemplary. If your company is looking for someone who can take your Data Science and Analytical capabilities to the next level through the latest technologies at scale then reach out to Dan.

Ravish K. | Senior BIE @ Amazon (Colleague)

I've worked with Dan as a co-worker on the same team for about 1 year and can confidently say that his analytical and engineering skills are unparalleled. When the team's only Sr Data Engineer support left, Dan stepped in and provided extended support for the org of 25+ scientists, product managers and BI members. Dan's executes tasks with a long term vision for the product and constantly looks to find the most efficient ways of solving issues. One such example was when he created a generic intake process that was adopted by all the managers in the org which minimized conflicts in prioritization and highlighted key agile metrics.

His passion for engineering is exhibited from a number of side-projects that he works on and most importantly, he consistently shares his learning with the team. In the last six months, he was the presenter in the team's knowledge share sessions over 50% of the times.

I would highly recommend Dan for a Sr Data Engineer or an Engineering Manager role.

Morgan T. | BIE @ Crowd Cow (Colleague)

I worked Dan at Crowd Cow as a BIE. As I was joining, Dan had completed a full data warehouse restructure, ETL upgrade and leading the Looker remodel. He was an exceptional mentor, introducing me to BIE and data engineering principles and tooling. He's driven, collaborative, and a creative problem-solver. I was fortunate learn under him and hope to work with him again in the future. He's an outstanding addition to any engineering team.

Reference contact info available upon request.

Ralph A. | Analytics Manager @ Amazon (Manager)

Dan is a superstar. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most brilliant technical and business minds at Amazon and Dan is the brightest by far. His deep knowledge of Data Engineering principles, tooling and ability to implement the right solution at the right time to create a resilient infrastructure helped our team of 20 multidisciplinary (Data Engineering, Data Scientist, BI Engineers, and Software Devs) scale our analytical products and delivery business critical solutions quickly. Dan is also a leader who helped ramp junior engineers during onboarding and provide coaching to senior team members as well. Most importantly, Dan is humble, practices inclusive collaboration and is a calming presence in the most turbulent situations. Whether you are looking for a tech lead to transform or scale your data infrastructure and platforms or a people leader who can grow and lead a team of engineers deliver on impactful business goals, Dan is the person you are looking for.

Reference contact info available upon request.

Jenn L. | BIE @ The Mine (Teammate)

Dan and I worked together at, formerly a Lowe's subsidiary. During our time together, Dan took initiative and lead in creating and optimizing the data warehouse and the reporting process for our team. With limited time and resources, Dan quickly learned and managed the ETL processes and created SQL Server Integration Services packages as well as various python scripts to support these initiatives. This resulted in time saved for the BI Analysts on our team as well as time saved for the stakeholders. I can attest to Dan's extensive knowledge in SSIS, Python, Excel, VBA, SQL, and data analysis. He is a pleasure to work with and I am happy to recommend him.

Reference contact info available upon request.

Akshaya M. | BIE @ Amazon (Direct Report)

Dan has been a fantastic manager, thus I honestly recommend him for the position of Senior Data Engineer. He is an expert in the field of data engineering, particularly in areas like ETL, coding, data warehousing, data analysis, database systems, and critical thinking. He's optimized a lot of processes while working with large datasets. In multiple projects involving numerous stakeholders, he has been the project manager and provided excellent and effective working solutions. His administrative skills are just as strong as his technical abilities. His bias for action ensures that perfect is not the enemy of good while he solves problems by always looking at the big picture. In addition to being an excellent teacher, he is a very quick learner. He consistently boosted my confidence by offering me the appropriate praise when I needed it and feedback that would help me improve. I am really grateful to have a manager like him. Dan has my highest endorsement, and I hope I have another opportunity to work with him.

Reference contact info available upon request.